Training and Philosophy


Reading some of the articles on training that are on the Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center website will give you a good insight into my training philosophies.  These articles may be accessed by clicking here.

“The horse teaches us self-control, constancy, and the ability to understand what goes on in the mind and the feelings of another creature, qualities that are important throughout our lives. Moreover, from this relationship with his horse the rider will learn that only kindness and mutual understanding will bring about achievements of highest perfection,” Alois Podhajsky wrote in his book The Complete Training of Horse and Rider. His book has been a great inspiration to me as well.

I believe that good training starts when you enter the stall with your horse and doesn’t stop until you put them away.  Your movements around your horse are cues to the behavior you want from your animal.

I believe in a non-violent approach to training horses and people.  Good learning begins with being comfortable.  Being patient, calm and consistent are behaviors that can be learned by any horse owner and will lead to a powerful partnership that can take the horse and rider to maximum capability of the horse.

I am particularly good at relaxing horses and improving their dispositions.  I believe in working slowly and safely.  This leads to making almost any horse good for any level rider.